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In today's age of information it may feel tempting to bypass a travel advisor, but we can help in ways you may not have even considered! Here are 3 reasons why we're the best fit for your travel needs.

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Save Time & Money

 We can help you get the best value for your investment through booking discounts, special fares, and exclusive offers from suppliers. Other perks include room upgrades, food and beverage credits, spa credits, complimentary dining reservations and more. Rather than booking through several separate providers, which can quickly run up the bill, we have the ability to create custom packages that may include all-in-one accommodations, flights, and car rentals – great for business travel! 

Traveling can be costly without the insider know-how, but it can also be time consuming. According to a study by Google, the average traveler visits 280 web pages through 34 different searches over period of two months. Being experts in the travel industry, we already have this information at our fingertips, and can help you not only save time and money but reduce the stress that comes with planning!

Expert Advice & Detailed Planning

 A successful trip is only as good as the planning that goes into it. Travel experts can help prepare you for a trip down to the nitty, gritty details. Taking a cruise? We’ll know if you need a travel visa to visit certain locations, how much time you’ll need to allow yourself to get from the airport to the pier, and we can even help you choose the best spot for your stateroom! Kaju Travel is equipped to handle all the logistics for larger groups too and complex itineraries, all while tailoring the experience to match your preferences. 

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Peace of mind

Lost luggage? Train or Flight delayed? Need a last minuet cancellation? When complications arise having a trusted travel advisor can ensure any hiccups are rectified quickly with your needs in mind.  Skip the long lines or waiting on hold, and avoid the headache entirely of solving the problem all on your own! We’re here to advocate on your behalf to see that restitution is made. This is especially useful for business travelers who have quick turn arounds, and cannot afford issues within their itineraries. Whether it’s rebooking, getting a refund, or just needing help, Kaju Travel is here to ensure you peace of mind throughout the journey. 

Why use a travel agent? It's a really good question!

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